8 Free Apps To Jumpstart 2018

8 Free Apps To Jumpstart 2018

These Apps Are For Those Person’s Who Are Very Passionate About Their Work. It’s For Those Who Are Busy Attending Meetings, Appointments etc and Stuff. Here Is The List Of 8 Free Apps To JumpStart 2018.

8 Free Apps To Jumpstart 2018

8. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2

The Best Android App Business Calendar 2 Has Recently Got A New Makeover. The New Makeover Offers Great user Experience, Pleasant Visuals. It Also Offers View Modes Which The User Can Switch From Monthly To Weekly To Daily Basis. This App Also Provides Short Briefings Of Up Coming Tasks And Events. This App Is Available Free To Users On Google Play Store.

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7. aCalendar


This App Is Best Option For Those Who Are More Of A Traditional Type. It’s Great Designs Makes The App Easy To Use. If You Are A Bit Of A Calendar Used To Guy This App Helps The User To Manage The Daily Tasks Easily On Regular Basis. This App Is Available Free To Android Users On Google Play Store.

6. Any.Do


If The Person Has Spend His Life Writing Out To-Do-List On Calendar. It helps User’s To Transfer Their To-Do-List To Mobile Phone’s Calendar So The User Can Actually See The Date Of The Particular Task And Get The Things Done On Time. This App Acts Like A Personal Assistant To The User Who Turns The List Into Actionable Event. App Is Available To Both Android As Well As Apple I phone Users On Google Play Store And I Store.

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5. Jorte


This App Is For Those Who take Their Work Very Seriously And For the Avid Note takers. This App helps User To Add Important Tasks And Events From Lists To The Calendar. This App Actually Keeps The Tasks And Events In Open View to User Thus Helping To Use Other Apps Easily. This App Is Available To Android And IOS User’s For Free.

4. CloudCal


CloudCal Helps The User To Manage Every-Bit Of His Time. This App Helps To Schedule Strategies, Manages Events And Tasks. This App Gives User An Overview Of How Much Time Is Available of The Day So That The Other Tasks Can Be Also Completed resulting In maximum Utilization Of Time. This App Is Available Free To Android User on Google Play Store.

3. Cal


Cal is simply the app which helps the user by creating the event and putting in basic info. Cal also gives the information to contacts and also helps locate GPS Location. This App is beautifully created as it has appealing visuals. App Automatically adds Themes to the Events. This App Is Available To Android Users For Free On Google Play Store.

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2. Informant 5


This is a calendar, Tasks and Notes App Which Offers Simple Way To Organize Your Life. This App offers How Much Text User Want To Be Visible On Screen At One Time. It Also Offers User To Adjust Different Time Zones, Display Travel Time ETA’s. This App Is Available To IOS Users’s For Free.

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1. Accompany


This App Manages And Schedules Events, Meetings And Appointments On Calendar. This App Provides By Creating Profiles For Important Business meetings And Also Email User Information About The Company they are meeting. This App Also Shares Contact Information On Social Media And News Stories. This App Is Available to IOS User’s For Free.


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