Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands

Green Day - Best Pop Punk Bands

These are widely known Best pop punk bands who advanced the genre far beyond what people have expected. These punk bands have become the most heard bands on radio and they continue to sell out arenas, headline festivals and earn rapid fan base. Check out the full list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands below.

Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands

10. New Found Glory

New Found Glory is an American rock band from Coral Springs, Florida, the band was formed in 1997. It is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. Emerging as part of the second wave of pop punk in the late 1990s, music critics consider them a key pioneer of the genre. Labelled the “godfathers of pop punk”. Between 2002 and 2004, the band experienced the height of their popularity with headline slots on the Warped Tour with Blink-182 and a supporting tour with Green Day. Third album and major label debut, Sticks and Stones was released on June 11, 2002 and peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 chart. The lead single for their fourth album, “All Downhill from Here” reached number eleven in the Rock Chart before Catalyst (2004) was released. The album peaked at a career-high number three on the Billboard 200, selling 146,000 copies in its first week. New Found Glory is ranked No. 10 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

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9. Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco is an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, the band was formed in 2004 and featuring the current lineup of vocalist Brendon Urie, accompanied on tour by guitarist Kenneth Harris and drummer Dan Pawlovich. The band was popularized by the second single, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, the album was certified double platinum in the US. Panic! at the Disco is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The band was nominated in Grammy awards for “Death of a Bachelor” and won MTV video of the Year for “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”. Panic! at the Disco ranks No. 9 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands in the world.

8. All Time Low

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All Time Low is an American rock band from Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore and was formed in 2003. All Time Low is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The band’s name is taken from lyrics in the song “Head on Collision” by New Found Glory. The band currently consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Jack Barakat, bassist and backing vocalist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson. The band consistently tours year-long, has headlined numerous tours, and has appeared at music festivals including Warped Tour, Reading and Leeds and Soundwave. All Time Low ranks No. 8 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

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7. The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects is an American rock band formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999. The All-American Rejects is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The band consists of lead vocalist and bassist Tyson Ritter, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Nick Wheeler, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor. The All-American Rejects have sold over 10 million albums worldwide. They were ranked No. 73 on the “Hot 100 Artists of the 2000s” and No. 183 on the “Billboard 200 Artists of the Decade” list. The band has continued to tour, and have released an EP in 2017. The band released their lead single “Sweat” on July 7th 2017 and has received a nomination from the UK Music Video Awards. The All-American Rejects ranks No. 7 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

6. My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance was an American rock band from Newark, New Jersey, the band was active from 2001 to 2013. My Chemical Romance is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The band was founded by Gerard, Mikey, Toro, Matt Pelissier, and later joined by Iero. They signed with Reprise Records the next year and released their major label debut Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004. Shortly after the album’s release, Pelissier was replaced by Bob Bryar. A commercial success, the album was awarded platinum status over a year later. The band eclipsed their previous success with their 2006 concept album, The Black Parade, which gained generally favorable reviews among music critics and was certified double platinum in the United States and the United Kingdom, the band’s first and only double platinum. My Chemical Romance ranks No. 6 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

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5. Fall Out Boy

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Fall Out Boy is an American rock band formed in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, in 2001. The band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, lead guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley. Fall Out Boy is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The group went through a succession of drummers before landing Hurley and recording the group’s debut album, Take This to Your Grave (2003). The album became an underground success and helped the band gain a dedicated fanbase through heavy touring, as well as some moderate commercial success. Fall Out Boy received a Best New Artist nomination at the 2006 Grammy Awards. The band’s 2007 follow-up, Infinity on High, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 260,000 first week sales.The band’s sixth studio album, American Beauty/American Psycho (2015) peaked at number one on the Billboard 200, the band ranks No. 5 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

4. The Offspring

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The Offspring is an American rock band from Garden Grove, California, Originally formed under the name Manic Subsidal, the band was formed in 1984. Over the course of their 34-year career, the Offspring has released nine studio albums and experienced several lineup changes, including switching drummers. This band is considered one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The Offspring achieved its first commercial success with their third studio album Smash (1994), which has sold over eleven million copies worldwide,setting a record for most albums sold on an independent record label, and was the first album released on Epitaph to obtain gold and platinum status. Offspring continued their commercial success with its next four studio albums, Ixnay on the Hombre (1997), Americana (1998), Conspiracy of One (2000) and Splinter (2003) — reaching platinum, multi-platinum, platinum and gold status respectively. The Offspring is currently in production of their tenth studio album, due for release in 2018. The Offspring ranks No. 4 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

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3. Sum 41

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Sum 41 is a Canadian rock band from Ajax, Ontario. The band formed in 1996, the band was originally called Kaspirand currently consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Deryck Whibley, lead guitarist Dave Baksh, guitarist Tom Thacker, bassist Jason McCaslin and drummer Frank Zummo. Sum 41 band is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The band released its debut album, All Killer No Filler in 2001. The album achieved mainstream success with its first single, “Fat Lip”, which reached number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and remains the band’s most successful single to date. The band released its next album, Chuck, in 2004, led by singles “We’re All to Blame” and “Pieces”. The album proved successful, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard 200. In 2007, the band released Underclass Hero, which was met with a mixed reception, but gained some commercial success, becoming the band’s highest charting album to date. The band often performs more than 300 times each year and holds long global tours, most of which last more than a year. Sum 41 ranks No. 3 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

2. Blink-182

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Blink-182 is an American rock band from Poway, California. The band was formed in 1992. Blink-182 founded by guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor, the band emerged from the Southern California punk scene of the early 1990s and first gained notoriety for high-energy live shows and irreverent lyrical toilet humor. Blink-182 is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. Blink-182 is considered a key group in the development of pop punk; the band’s combination of pop music melodies with fast-paced punk rock featured a more radio-friendly accessibility than prior bands. The trio has sold over thirteen million albums in the United States, and over 50 million albums worldwide. Blink-182 ranks No. 2 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.

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1. Green Day

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Green Day is an American pop punk rock band, it was formed in 1986 by lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. Green Day band is one of the Best Pop Punk Bands. The band’s early releases were with the independent record label Lookout! Records. In 1994, their major label debut Dookie, released through Reprise Records, became a breakout success and eventually shipped over 10 million copies in the U.S. Green Day has sold more than 85 million records worldwide. The group has won five Grammy Awards: Best Alternative Album for Dookie, Best Rock Album for American Idiot, Record of the Year for “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, Best Rock Album for the second time for 21st Century Breakdown and Best Musical Show Album for American Idiot: The Original Broadway Cast Recording. Green Day band ranks No. 1 in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Punk Bands.


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