Top 10 Longest Rivers

Top 10 Longest Rivers
Measuring a river’s length is difficult because sometimes it is not clearly known where the river starts and ends. Most trending list has listed and ranked the top 10 longest rivers according to their length with Nile River topping the list.

Check out the list of top 10 longest rivers below

10. Amur – Argun, Asia

Amur – Argun

The Amur River is situated on the fringe of China and Russia and is a noteworthy conduit in the northeastern piece of Asia. It is the longest river of the Russian Far East. The river forms the border between the Russian Far East and Northeastern China Water. The region surrounding the Amur is home to various endangered species like the Amur leopard. It is 4,444 km (2,761 miles) long and is the tenth longest river in the world.

9. Congo – Chambeshi, Africa

Congo – Chambeshi

The Congo River is the largest river in western Central Africa and the most powerful on the continent.  With its source in North-East Zambia, it rises from the mountains as a stream and collects water along its course, until it drains to the Atlantic Ocean. The Congo River, being the most powerful river in Africa, has great potential to be used for hydroelectric power. It is 4,700 km (2,920 miles) long and is the ninth longest river in the world.  It is the third largest river in the world by volume of water discharged.

8. Paraná – Río de la Plata, South America 

Paraná – Río de la Plata

The Río de la Plata is the estuary formed by the combination of the Uruguay River and the Paraná River. The Rio de la Plata collects waters from rivers that flow in the highlands of Brazil, Northern Argentina, the south of Brazil and Paraguay. It is 4,880 km (3,032 miles) long and is the eighth longest river in the world.

7. Ob – Irtysh, Asia

Ob – Irtysh

THE OB AND THE IRTYSH rivers together form one of the largest river basins in the world, but also drain an area among the least populated and least known to outsiders. The Ob River is a major river in western Siberia, Russia. The River is mainly used for irrigation, drinking water, hydroelectric energy and fishing. It is 5,410 km (3,362 miles) long and is the seventh longest river in the world.

6. Yellow River, China 

Yellow River

The Yellow River or Huang He is the “mother river of China”.  It originates in Tibet and gets nearly 45 percent of its water from glaciers and vast underground springs of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Its basin was the center of Chinese politics, economy and culture for over 2,000 years.  The River is called yellow due to the lemon-colored silt it gathers from the Loess Plateau. It is 5,464 km (3,395 miles) long and is the sixth longest river in the world.

5. Yenisei – Angara – Selenge, Asia

Yenisei – Angara – Selenge

The Yenisei River, flowing in Mongolia and Russia, is the largest river system flowing to the Arctic Ocean. It flows mainly in Russia and the rest in Mongolia. The river is the central of the three great Siberian Rivers-the other two being the Ob and the Lena-flowing into the Arctic Ocean. It is 5,539 km (3,442 miles) long and is the fifth longest river in the world.

4. Mississippi – Missouri – Jefferson, North America 

Mississippi – Missouri – Jefferson

The Mississippi River is one of the world’s major rivers. It flows through the center of the United States, and historically it has been the dividing line between the Eastern United States and the American West. It serves transportation, industry, and recreation as the most important inland waterway in North America. It flows almost due south across the continental interior, collecting the waters of its major tributaries, the Missouri River and the Ohio River. It is 6,275 km (3,889 miles) long and is the fourth longest river in the world.

3. Yangtze River, China

Yangtze River

Originating from the Tanggula Range in Qinghai Province in western China, Yangtze River traverses eleven provinces and cities from west to east, including Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai. Finally it pours into the East China Sea at Shanghai. The Yangtze’s source is the Geladaindong Peak. The river plays an important and large role in the history, culture and economy of China. It is 6,300 km (3,915 miles) long and is the third longest river in the world.

2. Amazon River, South America

Amazon River

The Amazon River, starting in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes and traveling eastward 4000 miles where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon flows in the following countries: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana. It is 6,400 km (3,976 miles) long and is the third longest river in the world.

1. Nile River, North-East Africa

Nile River

The River Nile is in the beautiful continent of Africa. It originates inside Burundi, south of the equator, and flows northward to northeastern Africa, eventually flowing through Egypt and then draining into the Mediterranean Sea.  Its water resources are shared by eleven countries, namely, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt.It is 6,650 km (4,130 miles) long and is the longest river in the world.


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