Top 10 Most Magical Cities in the World


The world is full of breathtaking places but the cities mentioned below there’s just a little something that sets them apart from the rest of the places most people vacation and live. Many of these cities make the list because they are home to the amazing places you must visitHere is the list of top 10 most magical cities in the world.

Top 10 Most Magical Cities in the World

10. Seville


Seville is the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. It’s famous for flamenco dancing, particularly in its Triana neighbourhood. Major landmarks include the ornate Alcázar castle complex, built during the Moorish Almohad dynasty, and the 18th-century Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza bullring. The Gothic Seville Cathedral is the site of Christopher Columbus’s tomb and a minaret turned bell tower, the Giralda.

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9. Athens


Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, preserves sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece.

8. Moscow


Moscow, on the Moskva River in western Russia, is the nation’s cosmopolitan capital. In its historic core is the Kremlin, a complex that’s home to the president and tsarist treasures in the Armoury. Outside its walls is Red Square, Russia’s symbolic center. It’s home to Lenin’s Mausoleum, the State Historical Museum’s comprehensive collection and St. Basil’s Cathedral, known for its colorful, onion-shaped domes.

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7. Edinburgh


Edinburgh is Scotland’s compact, hilly capital. One of the most visited cities in the UK, Edinburgh has a rich history, which can been seen in much of the architecture and historical buildings throughout the city. Arthur’s Seat, a group of hills located in the center of the city and next to the historical Edinburgh Castle, is one of the oldest sites recorded to have human habitation. Many believe Arthur’s Seat is named after the legendary King Arthur, who settled his kingdom, Camelot, in these hills.

6. Vienna


Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria and one of the nine states of Austria. Its artistic and intellectual legacy was shaped by residents including Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. The city is also known for its Imperial palaces, including Schönbrunn, the Habsburgs’ summer residence. It is also known as “The City of Music” and “The City of Dreams,” Vienna was ranked first globally for its culture of innovation in 2007 and 2008 by the Innovation Cities Index.

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5. Rome


Rome, Italy’s capital, is a sprawling, cosmopolitan city with nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display. Also known as “The Eternal City,” Rome is one of the oldest cities where people have consistently lived in Europe. Just the fact that the Collosseum is still standing is enough to place this city on the list. Rome is also the only city in the world that has an entire country, Vatican City, inside of its borders.

4. Prague


Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 14th largest city in the European Union and also the historical capital of Bohemia. Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” it’s known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. Completed in 1402, pedestrian Charles Bridge is lined with statues of Catholic saints.

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3. Paris


Paris is the capital and most populous city in France. Between the majestic views, the lush gardens, the to-die for food, and the jazz music, Paris creates a romantic and dreamy setting for anyone looking to visit. Try checking out the Luxembourg Gardens, which is right next to the magnificent Luxembourg Castle, or the Seine River, which is home to the famous bridge on which so many people have been filmed kissing.

2. Venice


Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges, of which there are 400. There are numerous attractions in Venice, such as St Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Grand Canal, and the Piazza San Marco. The Lido di Venezia is also a popular international luxury destination, attracting thousands of actors, critics, celebrities, and mainly people in the cinematic industry. This in itself is enough reason to make anyone feel like they’re in a dreamland.

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1. London



London is the capital and most populous city of both England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. Popular landmarks include Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and The Shard. From old historic neighbourhoods to it’s lavish and beautiful gardens. London will keep any visitor staring in awe at all its glory.


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