Top 10 Word’s Best Chocolate Bars

Not only does  chocolate reign supreme in the world for its complex bittersweet taste, but it’s also ranked as one of the healthiest superfood because it’s loaded with antioxidants. No matter how much you love chocolate, the endless options on the market can leave you paralysed with indecision. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Chocolate bars in the world.

Word’s Best Chocolate Bars

10. Almond Joy

Almond Joy

Almond Joy is a candy bar manufactured by Hershey’s. It consists of a coconut-based center topped with one or two almonds, the combination enrobed in a layer of milk chocolate. it also features similar packaging and logo design, but in a red color scheme instead of Almond Joy’s blue.

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9. 3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers is a candy bar made in the United States and Canada by Mars, Incorporated. It is a candy bar consisting of chocolate-covered fluffy whipped nougat. It is similar to the Milky Way bar.

8. Toblerone


Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate bar brand currently owned by US confectionery company Mondelēz International, Inc. Toblerone was created by Theodor Tobler in Bern, Switzerland, in 1908. Theodor Tobler, with his cousin Emil Baumann, developed a unique milk chocolate including nougat, almonds and honey with a distinctive triangular shape.

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7. Butterfinger Bar

Butterfinger Bar

Butterfinger is a candy bar created in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois by Otto Schnering, which currently is manufactured by Nestlé. Butterfinger has become known for its humorous marketing and a roster of memorably funny spokespersons, including Bart Simpson, Top Cat. The bar consists of a crispy peanut butter core enrobed in milk chocolate.

6. Nestle Crunch

Nestle Crunch

Nestle Crunch is the name of a chocolate bar made of milk chocolate with crisped rice mixed in, produced by Nestle.

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5. Hershey Bar

Hershey Bar

Hershey Bar is the flagship chocolate bar of the Hershey Company. Hershey Bar is made of Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Milk, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Lactose, Milk Fat, Soy Lecithin, PGPR, Emulsifier, Vanillin, Artificial Flavor).

4. Milky Way

Milky Way

Milky Way bar is a chocolate-covered candy bar manufactured and distributed by the Mars confectionery company. Milky Way bar is made of chocolate-malt nougat topped with caramel and covered with milk chocolate and sold as the Mars bar everywhere else.

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3. Snickers



Snickers is a brand name chocolate bar made by the American company Mars. It is made of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts, enrobed in milk chocolate. Snickers brand Marathon energy bars have since been sold in some markets.

2. Kit Kat

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection created by Rowntree’s of York, United Kingdom, and is now produced globally by Nestle. The standard bars consist of two or four fingers composed of three layers of wafer, separated and covered by an outer layer of chocolate. There are many different flavours of Kit Kat, including milk, white, and dark chocolate.

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1. Twix


Twix is a chocolate bar containing biscuit made by Mars, Inc. It consists of a biscuit applied with other confectionery toppings and coatings (most frequently caramel and milk chocolate).


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