Top Ten Brutal Assassinations

Since the dawn of history, assassinations have been a horrible source of awful revenge, political succession, financial advantage where religious controversies and other urges to gain reputation or power have also been an impetus for murdering a ruler or other famous person. Right from 3rd century BC, when the first assassination of Qin Shi Huang took place, such incidents started propelling through middle ages and even persist today as a trigger of social, political and religious upheavals. Besides the leaders who got assassinated by their opponents and enemies, there came many others who were slayed by their companions, some by family member while others by servants or friends. Among thousands of assassinations that took place till date, the most brutal and ruthless ones are listed below:

Top Ten Brutal Assassinations

10. Antonio Canovas del Castillo

Antonio Canovas del Castillo

Canovas was Prime Minister of Spain and renowned Historian of his time. He was assassinated on 8th August 1897 by Michele Angiolillo who was an Italian expatriate in England and had slipped into Spain illegally with false papers. As Canovas was on his way to Santa Agueda, Michele halted his journey in between and shot him dead on the spot. Beholding Canovas collapsing on ground, his wife shrieked and shouted for help, the assassin her a bow and asked her pardon and told her that he respects her and had done his duty. Soon after the guards around overcame the gunman and the trail was undertaken within days. Michele presented his motive of taking revenge of torture and execution of anarchists and infact felt proud of his contrivance. He was taken to Vergara prison where he was garroted and thrusted into the seclusion of death.

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9. Lord Louis Mountbatten

Lord Louis Mountbatten

Louis Mountbatten was a highly commended regal Navy Official and a delegate of British India. He was assassinated on 27th August 1979 by Irish Republic Army terrorists during his days of vacation. Mountbatten used to spend his holidays at his summer home which was located in a seaside village near the area that used to be cross border refuge by IRA members. It was a point of advantage for perpetrators and at the night of 27th August, they attached radio control bomb to boat with the intention of shooting him as he would mount the boat. During the day, while Mountbatten was 100 yards away from boat, proceeding towards the shore, the assassin detonated the bomb and the boat was blown in bits and thrown off the coast. Mountbatten’s legs were almost blown off and his seven companions including his daughter and her family were blown out of the boat. Two of his relatives and a fifteen year old local boy died of fatal injuries where as others were seriously wounded. After his funeral, Thomas Macmahan, an IRA man was convicted and arrested for placing the bomb inside the boat but was later freed in 1998.

8. Orlando Letelier

Orlando Letelier

Marcos Orlando Letelier Del Solar was an economist, US politician, initially elected as Minister of Foreign Affairs and ended up being the Defense Minister. He was a strong opponent of Chilean dictator and was hence assassinated on 21st September 1976 by the agents of Chilean’ssecret police. In the morning of aforementioned date while he was travelling in car with one of his co-worker escorting him through the roads of Washington, the plastic explosive attached to the underside of vehicle exploded, lifting the car off the ground and turning it into flames. One of his escorts escaped from the back window and tried to get Letelier out of car but all in vain. Soon after, they were taken to medical centre of Washington University but Letelier could not stand long his injuries and died at 9:50 am according of medical reports. His murder triggered a great chaos among people, several were convicted and many others prosecuted.

7. Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald


Oswald was an American former U.S Marine and Marxist. He was charged with the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Researches showed that he acted alone in firing the President but some investigations conjectured it to be a conspiracy plotted by a well organized group. Two days after Kennedy’s assassination, Oswald was being taken to county jail but on his way to planned destiny, he was shot dead by the owner of Dallas nightclub Jack Ruby. The bullet struck left side of victim’s abdomen damaging his many other parts including liver, kidney and stomach which choked his last breath and he died in the emergency room of hospital just 10 feet from room where Kennedy had died two days ago. Ruby presented his motive of protecting Mrs Kennedy from Oswald but he was also assumed to be one of conspirators in the assassination of Kennedy.

6. Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers

An American civil right activist, Medgar Wiley Evers was assassinated on June 12, 1963 by an American white supremacist, Byron De La Beckwith. The apprehension of murder had threatened him since long and it compelled him to train his children how to rescue themselves in case of any attack. Few days before his murder, his fears started to mount and his family also became more concerned about his safety. In the morning of 12th June, when he reached his home and emerged from his car, Byron shot him from back, the bullet struck Medgar and ripped through his heart. He dashed on ground, endeavored to stand again but all in vain. He was the first African American who got admitted to white hospital in Mississippi. Medgar was buried with full military honors and the culprit died while serving a life sentence in prison.

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5. John F.Kennedy

John F.Kennedy

John F.Kennedy, 35th American President declared his resolution of travelling to Taxas for certain reasons and negotiations. The date of journey was finalized to be on Nov 22 1963, in the company of his wife and two others Not was only his plan announced in public earlier, but he further decided to opt the route where he could have maximum exposure to local crowds. His smooth journey to Texas was finally brought to a halt in Dealy Plaza, where he was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald. The assassin fired three times but the sound of first one was reckoned to be that of firecracker so it did not yield any reaction. As its sound trailed off, two more bullets were fired, but it is not still confirmed whether it was second or third that pierced Kennedy’s upper back. The bullet teared off the fragments of his scalp and brain that landed on the interior of his car. A great chaos ensured this attack, few spectators got injured and the one escorting Kennedy was also seriously wounded. Two days later Oswald was fatally shot by Jack Ruby and couldn’t attend the trial.

4. Inejiro Asanuma

Inejiro Asanuma

Asanuma, the 3rd leader of Japanese Socialist Party was assassinated on October 12 1960, during his debate on upcoming parliamentary election. The debate was to be conducted in Tokyo’s Hibiya Hall. Since he was a commended public speaker of his time, his speech was through out televised which after his death was disseminated and viewed by millions of people . In the middle his speech, 17 years old Otoyo Yamaguchi, a typical nationalist from Ring Wing of Uyoku clanta group darted across the Hall, approached the lectern with Samurai sword in his hand and stabbed the same through left side of Asanuma’s rib. The security Guards outrageously ran to rescue him and Otoya was halted from his pursuit of stabbing again. The assassin was arrested on spot and taken into custody. The public was gravely taken aback but soon after their shock took the shape of anger, they marched to police quarters, started protests and demonstration which rendered few seriously wounded and many slightly injured. As for the culprit was concerned, he presented no tenable motive for killing the leader and after few months committed suicide.

3. Cyprien Ntaryamira

Cyprien Ntaryamira

The assassination of Burunation President, Cyprien Ntaryamira and Rawada President Juvenal is considered to be one of the bloodiest event of late 20th century. Cyprien was recently elected as President on 5 February 1994 but his approaching death did not allow him to stay long and soon after few months in 6 April 1994, at the age of 39, he was killed and got succeeded by Sylvestre Ntibantugany. Although he was not the actual target but his fate rendered him the victim of conspiracy hatched against Juvenal Hebyarimana. Since, they were travelling in the same jet and and propelling the the plot with precision demanded to kill him too as a result all those escorting Juvenal got embroiled in it and bore the brunt of arrow meant Juvenal only. The two continuous missile attacks crushed the jet into the ground and turned people inside it to ashes. Initially some Hutu extremists were suspects but investigations turned the claim to Tutsis and than from the evidence of further researches, the latter ones were also exonerated so till now the actual culprits are not yet identified.

2. Juvenal Hebyarimana

Juvenal Hebyarimana

Juvenal was initially an army officer but finally ended up being the 2nd President of Republic of Rawada. He owned presidential seat for about 20 years till 6 April 1994, the date when he was predestined to taste his death. On the evening of aforementioned date, he was travelling from Tanzania to Rawada in his private jet. As the jet approached to land in Kagali International Airport, a missile from ground ascended and struck the wing of jet that was immediately followed by another missile which exploded the jet, set it on fire and filled the air with flames . Many people including the Presidential Guards at airport witnessed the attack, the sudden bang, red flash in sky and concluded that they had previously noticed its engine sound to be different. The actual culprit behind this assassination is yet not known and reason till date mysterious. There have been many debates over this issue but due to lack of reliable evidence, no ultimate conclusion has been drawn.

1. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar, an eminent Roman dictator, commander and renowned author of his time got assassinated on 15 March 44BC by a group of perpetrators which shockingly included his adopted son Brutus with his friends and brother-in-law. There were many reasons behind this plot but the growing animosity of senates for Caesar proved to be the core one. This conspiracy by senates was sparked off by their apprehension of loosing their security and position by Caesar’s new adoptive methods. The entire plot was designed secretly and conspirators never met openly, rather they assembled at each others rooms. Finally they reached the conclusion that it would be more appropriate to slay him in senate. Accordingly, the plan was initiated by sending a senatorial delegation to acquaint Caesar with the new honor he was to be bestowed with at Pompey’s Theater. Before his visit to Theater, his wife, doctor and few friends insisted him to stay home because of the alarming rumors, recurrent nightmares and dreadful intuitions they had but all in vain. Finally, when he entered the Theater, he was initially attacked by Cumber who grabbed his shoulder and dashed him to ground. While Caesar was managing to get back on his feet, he was again struck on neck with a dagger by Casea. Caesar somehow grabbed his arm and tried to rescue himself but soon after he was surrounded and stabbed by the whole group. It is also said when Caesar saw his son stabbing him, his shaking lips muttered ‘You too, Brutus’. He was stabbed 23 times till blood drenched his entire body. After his assassins left him, he tried to say something to those senators who were not involved in this plot. But his attempts were to no avail as they also fled the building and left Caesar to yowl on the floor. Finally he was carried to home by his 3 servants. The doctors declared one of his wound as fatal and he died due to blood loss from stab wounds.


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